Friday, June 3, 2011

Camp Resort

Its Friday, May 27, its an exciting day for the staff of Pro-Life Philippines. We will have a day to relax for a while and escape from the busy work schedule we have. Were heading to CAMP RESORT, Guiguinto, Bulacan.

                We had a stopover to eat breakfast at Jollibee NLEX.


Posing Beside the Pool
Love to sing with the karaoke.
Pro-Life Staff
Kent, Ate Au, Andrew, Ellen, Mam Lorna & Angel 
Having some fun at the pool.

Me and Ellen

The owner of the resort is the nephew of Mam Lorna's husband. He and his wife extend their generosity by inviting us to visit their big house. We have the privileged to watch a movie in his big theater room. 
Posing beside "The Terminator"

Many thanks to Mam Lorna for sharing her car, for driving for us and for giving us a  break to relaxed and enjoyed the day.Also to Sir Francis and his wife for opening their resort for us for free and for the accommodating staff of the resort.Thanks to my fellow staff who made my day and above it all.....Thank you dear God for this event in my life.

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