Monday, March 8, 2010

The Flower Story

I smiled when I saw a familiar name on my online ym chatlist. Its been quite sometime not seeing this friend of mine so I decided to do the first move to initiate a conversation.

"Hello, my friend how are you?"

" Malou! How are you? I 've been thinking about you for a while."

"Thank you for remembering me. So many things happened already."

"Yes, many things just happened."

"Things now are fast phase, been busy at work and relationships so far so good."

"A Friend?"

"No I have a boyfriend. I answered him October last year. So far so good.I told
that to you as far as I can remember.

: ) Yes you did told me about him.

"And how about you? Any news?"

"Well, I just got married last December. And learning Visayan language a lot. haha! "

" Wow! Really? Thats good news, I'm so happy to know that my friend. And whose
the lucky girl?"

" Her name is _ _ _ _. I thought I told about her to you."

" No you did not told me about her. Your too afraid to tell it to me for you thought
I will get hurt if I knew. I know you my friend"

" Yes YOU DO."

"Really, I am happy to know that. I thank God for hearing my prayers for you. I know your good heart my friend."

"I hope you find a decent man Malou someday. I still remember the flower story you told me before"

My friend was offline suddenly. My eyes stuck on the last sentences he wrote....

Oh my friend still remembered the Flower Story I told him during the time were getting to know each other. I started to reminisce that event in my life.......

Good Friday of year 2002. That was 8 years ago. Well, my mother told me that shes afraid if I marry because the guy might be irresponsible & will not take care of me, will make me cry and put me a lot of sufferings. Well It did made me afraid but I know its not good to be afraid when you trust God's plan in your life. So one dawn night I went to my favorite place in the house my family used to lived before. The rooftop..I go there if I want to have an intimate talk to God. I pour out my feelings and emotions there.

I asked God if He wants me to get married or not. So I asked for a sign. I told Him if someone will give me any kind and any color of flower/s without asking from that time and for the succeeding days that means I will marry. After sayin that I looked up at a clear sky and to my amazement all of the sudden a shooting star appeared.

I said to myself "I think He heared me" but shooting star is not the sign I am asking for, but still I thank Him for that. I got down from the rooftop and went to my bedroom and fell asleep.

After an hour, I heared someone calling me, I was half asleep when my cousin keep on calling my name and when she came into my room she was trying to give me flowers with different colors and sizes as she says "flowers for you!"

I'm tryin to clear up my mind and ask her where did she got those flowers. She answered me that she got those flowers in the processions of "santo entierro" and other saints. I asked her why she gave the flower to me. She said that she had a thought of me during the procession and she wanted to gave me a flowers came from it. I just smiled and said thank you and did not told her about my little talk with the Lord. I just got a petal from the flowers she gave and asked her to put them all to the altar. I whispered a prayer as I gazed on the crucifix.

That's the story...

So everytime I received a flower to someone whom I am not askin that made me remember always my little intimate talk to God. I am going to be 39 by the next two months and still single. But a little different now. God is good for I do have a boyfriend right now. I am praying that God will bless our relationship.

Well I just keep the faith and He knows whats good to me. The shooting star perhaps a sign for me to always hope for the best and follow God's light of guidance and understanding.

Tears in my eyes fell and I gently brushed it off as I smiled. Me and that friend of mine wasn't able to have a chance to see each other for some reasons. One thing for sure, that friend of mine will always be in my heart, because he's been a happy part in one of the chapters and journey of my life. We may no longer talk but I will be forever grateful for the friendship he gave to me.

My friend.... rest assure of my prayers for you and your family.May you have a happy and blissful marriage life. Maraming Salamat sa lahat(Thank you very much). Paalam kaibigan (Goodbye my friend).