Wednesday, March 12, 2008

IROG (Dear)

" IROG" (Dear)
Got a text message from a very good friend of mine..."Malou,i want you to come with me at Subic with my family this weekend." I replied excitedly..."Sobrang grasya na to!Sige my weekend will be yours.ill be with you.thanks po." :)
I smiled and rekindle the past how me and that friend of mine got close to each other.She was then a volunteer in Prolife sent to my ofice to observed couseling works.First impression seems to be weighing of personalities.Articulate,hyper...somewhat an energetic and quite a strong woman inspite of her petite looks.But my sensitivity seems to be in touch...i know with all the smiles she portrays...her eyes will reveal the real emotions she had that time.It takes time...discovering and accepting weaknesses and fears she have.
Shes a nursing graduate but never had the courage to pursue her career in hospital settings.All negative comments she received from her former teacher implanted in her mind that made her think that she will never be a good nurse.From that time on, i know what will be my role to her life.Patiently i motivated,support and somewhat bring back all the confidence she needs to attain her goal.I challenged her without pressuring.I witnessed her transformation...Now, she's working abroad as a nurse.Thanks be to God!
Shes having a vacation for 3 weeks.Our Subic bonding was unforgettable.We stayed at Legenda Suites.She toured me at El Kabayo Ranch and Ocean Adventure.All expense paid by her.....What a blessing!
But what makes me happy friend was able to conquer her fears and able to pursue a greater heights in her life
Our love and loyalty are reciprocated.We have our differences but we complement each other.Indeed,were able to stand the test of time.Im so proud of you "Irog".