Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009 & 2010 New Year Celebrations

I smiled as I looked at these pictures taken during New Year 2009. Reminiscing the pasts,my father showed the biggest smile beside my mother and me hugging my brother Paul.Beside that smile on our faces was a hope that my two sisters Tes and Rhia were with us. Of course they are with their respective families.

I did a good laughed upon seeing this wacky picture of my parents with their grandson Anjo and granddaughters Niña,Ana & Karmela.
Celebrating Christmas and New Year with your family will always be special.

Well,celebrating Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010 had a little difference.....

My sister in law Baby decorated this time their Christmas tree. She is a florist and this time ribbons in gold are the only ornaments she did. Although I missed the Christmas balls, the other ornaments and of course the manger....I still admired its simplicity.

And here it was looked like at night when the Christmas lights were on. That was me underneath the Christmas tree.We had a simple Noche Buena on the eve of Christmas day and opened our respective gifts after the dinner.In the morning the whole family attended the Mass at the chapel 10 or 15 steps away from the house.

On New years eve. I took some memorable shots that how we greeted the new year 2010

The Media Noche meals that we had prepared.

Niña the eldest among the children of my brother Paul said a new year prayer.
She also read the letter written by Anjo for all of us because hes not with us.
He is on duty in a call center that time.The letter was touching & made us teary eyed knowing the reality that there will be a time that we will not be complete as we celebrate Christmas and New Year but it bring us hope that the love and caring to each other is already planted and rooted in our hearts. So wherever we may go....we are still one family.

Monday, January 4, 2010

76th Birthday of Papa

December 23, 2009. Me and my sister Ria arrived in Canlubang, Laguna at exactly 3pm.We had to ride a jeepney and a tricycle before we reach the house of my brother Paul where my parents staying. I spent my long Christmas Vacation with them. It's my father's birthday too. Celebrating his 76 years of his life.

As we approached the front gate.There our father silently sitting in a little chair, maybe half asleep. I called him up "Papa!" His eyes wide open upon seeing me and my sister and a big smile suddenly appeared on his face.We hugged, kissed and greeted him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". He wanted to speak aloud but he can't speak clearly. Papa has Parkinson syndrome. Although he has this syndrome he can still manage to take good care of himself. Only his speech and muscle movement are affected. He can still walk but too slow.

My mother went out and excitedly hugged and kissed us. We went inside and we learned that my parents are the only one in the house. The family of my brother was not around till midnight.I asked my mother what did she cooked for Papa's birthday. Mama shooked her head and told me that my father doesnt want to celebrate his birthday because were very few and no budget for that. I talked to my mother to buy at least "pancit and chiffon cake" to be eaten by the four of us.

Papa showed me a big smile upon seeing the food that we were eating to celebrate his 76th Birthday.He kissed and thanked me as he joyfully ate the food we prepared for him.

Wondering why I am not in the picture? Of course, I am capturing the unforgettable moments that we have. Yes only the four of us were present, celebrating Papa's 76th years of his life.

Here is my favorite one....I captured the caring of my parents to each other through the years.What a lovely sight! Mama...Papa...I LOVE YOU. Thank you for bringing me in this world.

There are no perfect parents but we can try to be good parents to our children.