Thursday, December 17, 2009

Greeting Cards....With Love

This year,I am blessed to received one of the kind greeting cards who came from a new friend....from a very dear good old friend...and from a teen-age girl whom I saw her growing up from childhood till now.

Tired from work as I went in to my room, I saw this greeting card on the top of my bed. I excitedly look at the senders name."Ah! from Marie", a friend from D4D (Dating 4 Disabled.) I remembered we asked each others address and agreed to send greeting cards this coming holiday season.In a short span of time I get to know her and through her blog writings at D4D I can say she's a wonderful, great, strong woman and a loving mom to her kids.Marie, you just dont know how you continually inspires and motivates me in my journey with your comments and messages on my blog entries. Thank you so much for the friendship you have extended to me.Keep the fire burning my friend.

Ruth a very dear old friend. We called each other "IROG" means dear. Our friendship counted years already.She's working abroad as a nurse in UK. She never miss sending me greeting cards since we got to know each other. Her family is wonderful specially her mom who is very supportive. Her mother is very proud of her. A loving daughter and a very good friend. "Irog, may God continually bless you, keep you safe and good health. I am so proud of you.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I was resting when Lyka gave this little note to me. She said, Merry Christmas Ate! I read the notes she had written and each words she said warmed my heart.Lyka is Josie's daughter. We used to live in one house before. Lyka was only 7years old when I have my first encounter with her. Her big eyes widened when she saw me and observed my walking in crutch. She whispered to her mother "Mama, why is she like that?" Since then I had been a part of her growing years.From being timid and shy little girl somehow I had my share of encouraging her to be out on that shell. Every words she had written in that special letter mirrored everything how I influenced her. Lyka is a young lady now. Witty, kind and of course very pretty.The things we shared together will remain in our hearts.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


One beautiful spring day a red rose blossomed in a forest. Many kinds of trees and plants grew there. As the rose looked around,
a pine tree nearby said, What a beautiful flower. I wish I was that lovely. Another tree said, Dear pine, do not be sad, we can not have everything.
The rose turned its head and remarked, It seems that I am the most beautiful plant in this forest. A sunflower raised its yellow head and asked, Why do you say that In this forest there are many beautiful plants. You are just one of them. The red rose replied, I see everyone looking at me and admiring me.

Then the rose looked at a cactus and said, Look at that ugly plant full of thorns! The pine tree said, Red rose, what kind of talk is this Who can say what beauty is You have thorns too.

The proud red rose looked angrily at the pine and said, I thought you had good taste! You do not know what beauty is at all. You can not compare my thorns to that of the cactus.

What a proud flower, thought the trees. The rose tried to move its roots away from the cactus, but it could not move. As the days passed, the red rose would look at the cactus and say insulting things, like This plant is useless How sorry I am to be his neighbor.

The cactus never got upset and he even tried to advise the rose, saying, We weren't created without a purpose. Spring passed, and the weather became very warm. Life became difficult in the forest, as the plants and animals needed water and no rain fall. The red rose began to wilt. One day the rose saw sparrows stick their beaks into the cactus and then fly away, refreshed. This was puzzling, and the red rose asked the pine tree what the birds were doing. The pine tree explained that the birds got water from the cactus. Does it not hurt when they make holes asked the rose.

Yes, but the cactus does not like to see any birds suffer, replied the pine. The rose opened its eyes in wonder and said, The cactus has water Yes you can also drink from it. The sparrow can bring water to you if you ask the cactus for help.

The red rose felt too ashamed of its past words and behavior to ask for water from the cactus, but then it finally did ask the cactus for help. The cactus kindly agreed and the birds filled their beaks with water and watered the rose's roots. Thus the rose learned a lesson and never judged anyone by their appearance again.

Moral: We should always be willing to learn rather than carry our egos.

Monday, December 14, 2009


A friend let me borrowed a book for me to read. I love reading books specially inspirational ones. That seminarian friend of mine generously share his collection of inspirational books because he knows that I have the passion on reading those kind of books.

As I started to read one of his book collection....there is one little thing inside it that struck my attention. A book mark. A simple book mark and there was a handwritten message.The message was carefully....beautifully and neatly written. As I read it, I smiled and made some lingering thoughts on my mind. I will share it to you my friends to be inspired and be guided for the reality of the message.


"taking the pain", said the nails.

"keeping the cool"
said the ice.

"driving hard"
said the hammer.

"being up to date"
said the calendar.

"being sharp" said the knife.

"making light around you"
said the fire.

"sticking to it" said the glue.

"being bright"
said the lamp.

"being on time" said the clock.

"saving a drop"
said the faucet.

and best of all...

"learning from it "

said the mistake.

Wisdom can only attain from God through our experiences. We are like diamonds that it takes time to be perfected before its true beauty will come out. We may do or commit mistakes as we go on our lifes journey, whats important is the learning and the capacity to make right decisions from that mistakes.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Personal Journey: Its ME : )

My Personal Journey: Its ME : )


It was almost Christmas time
There I stood in another line
Tryin to buy that last gift or two
Not really in the Christmas mood

Standin right in front of me
Was a little boy waiting anxiously
Pacing round like little boys do
And in his hands he held a pair of shoes

And his clothes were worn and old
He was dirty from head to toe
And when it came his time to pay
I couldnt believe what I heard him say

Sir, I wanna buy these shoes
For my mama, please
Its Christmas eve and these shoes are just her size
Could you hurry, sir?
Daddy says theres not much time
You see, shes been sick for quite a while
And I, know these shoes will make her smile
And I, want her to look beautiful
If mama meets Jesus tonight

He counted pennies for what seemed like years
And the, cashier said Son, theres not enough here.
He searched his pockets franticly
Then he turned and he looked at me
He said Mama made Christmas good at our house
Most years she just did without
Tell me, sir, what am I gonna do
Somehow Ive gotta buy her these Christmas shoes

So I laid the money down
I just had to help him out
And Ill never forget the look on his face
when he said Mamas gonna look so great

Sir, I wanna buy these shoes
For my mama, please
Its Christmas eve and these shoes are just her size
Could you hurry, sir?
Daddy says theres not much time
You see, shes been sick for quite a while
And I, know these shoes will make her smile
And I, want her to look beautiful
If mama meets Jesus tonight

I knew I caught a glimpse of heaven love
As he thanked me and ran out
I knew that god had sent that little boy to remind me
What Christmas is all about

Sir, I wanna buy these shoes
For my mama, please
Its Christmas eve and these shoes are just her size
Could you hurry, sir?
Daddy says theres not much time
You see, shes been sick for quite a while
And I, know these shoes will make her smile
And I, want her to look beautiful
If mama meets Jesus tonight

I want her to look beautiful
If mama meets Jesus tonight

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

IT's A Wonderful LIFE!!!!

REMEMBER: No Man is a failure who has friends.... : )

Christmas Hardships

"Do you really expect me to go to Bethlehem?" Joseph banged down his chisel on the scarred bench. Ephraim, his cousin, had just entered the low workshop. "You don't have a choice, Joseph. If you don't go the Romans will confiscate your house and your precious tools. Just try to carve a yoke with your fingernails." "What are we, cowards?" the carpenter retorted. "Mark my words, Ephraim, this 'Enroll-in-your-ancestral-city' business is nothing more than a way to squeeze more taxes out of us. If we give into those foreign tyrants now they'll just be back for more money."
"What's more," Joseph continued, "you're crazy if you think I'd take Mary on a trip this month. She'd probably have the baby on the way!"
"Couldn't you just leave her with your mother for a couple of weeks? She'd be all right. Nobody says the women have to go. It's the heads of households who have to register."
"Register, hah! Be taxed, you mean."
"So why not leave her at home?"
Joseph brushed the woodchips aside and motioned for his cousin to sit down. The carpenter spoke in a low but earnest voice. "Mary's aunt has made life miserable for her ever since she found out Mary was pregnant. Some people were willing to let it go. Not Tabitha."
"She got my wife all stirred up about it," Ephraim volunteered.
"Not just your wife. Most of the women in this town go out of their way to avoid her. At the village well they whisper, "Little slut!" just loud enough for her to hear. Many's the day she's come running home in tears."
"People sure can be cruel," Ephraim said. "At least you and Mary went ahead and got married."
Joseph bit his lip, but didn't say more.
Ephraim got up. "Well, you are going to Bethlehem, aren't you? You'd be a fool to get the Romans on your back. You know what they did to old Ben."
Joseph stood up slowly. "Yes, I'll go. But Mary'll have to come along. There's no way I'd leave her in Nazareth by herself!"
However, when Joseph talked to Mary about it, she didn't seem nearly as sure as her husband. "How could I walk all that way?" she said. "I waddle now. I just can't make it."
"Mary, we'll bring old Jake. You can ride him when you get tired."
"Have you ever ridden on Jake?"
"Well, no."
"That animal is the most bony, jolting mule in Nazareth. I'd rather walk!"
She did ride, though ... some of the way. Joseph would finally stop for the day when Mary just couldn't take any more. He'd help her down off Jake, then he'd fix a fire while she would unload their heavy blankets and try to find some shelter under a tree or large rock.
Mary would always be the center of attention among the few women traveling that time of year.
"I remember when I was carrying Levi," one would start. "Made my feet swell. I couldn't do anything for months."
"That's nothing," replied another, "my sister got so big everyone thought she was carrying twins. But her time came there was only one baby. Died though."
Joseph glanced over at Mary in the flickering firelight. He could see fear flit across her face. Her hands moved to her swollen belly so she could feel the baby's reassuring kick.
The women didn't notice. The first one went on, "Oh, the pain's so awful! I'm glad I'm too old to have any more babies."
Joseph put his arm around Mary's shoulders and pulled her close. Only one more night on the road before Bethlehem.
They reached the sleepy village of Joseph's ancestors just about dusk the fifth day. Joseph went to the inn and nearby houses trying to find a place to sleep. "God," he whispered as he combed the town, "can't You find us a decent place to have this baby?" Nothing.
All at once he saw Mary's face tighten. She tried to suppress a groan as she fought with the pain. It was a long moment before she relaxed, but he could see worry written all over her.
Joseph went back to the innkeeper again. "Are you sure there isn't any room? My wife's about to have a baby. We've got to find a place out of this wind tonight!"
The innkeeper thought a while. "Did you try the house at the end of the street? They sometimes take people in."
"I tried an hour ago."
"Any relatives in town? Any second cousins?"
Mary was shivering now, in obvious discomfort. "Joseph," she said weakly, "I've got to lie down somewhere."
"Well, there's the stable in the back," offered the innkeeper at long last. "Of course, it's full of animals from all the visitors in town for that blasted Roman census. But if you can find a place in the corner, I guess that'd be okay." He paused. "Just don't keep the animals awake all night."
It was the other way around. The dozen donkeys in the strange barn never stopped moving. And the smell was overpowering to Mary who had been fighting nausea as her pains got stronger.
In the wee hours of the morning Joseph knocked on the innkeeper's door again.
"What do you want this time of night?" the innkeeper snarled when he finally came to the door.
"Is there a midwife in town?"
"Oh, it's you. A midwife? Yes, old Martha lives in a little house about three blocks from here. You go down the main road, turn left at the two-story house, and go to the alley. You can't miss it. You go down the alley and across the pasture. She lives in a shack just behind the third house after that."
"I ... I really don't think I should leave my wife. Her pains are coming awfully fast now.... Could you go?"
"Jonathan!" the innkeeper yelled into his darkened house. "Get up and fetch old Martha. A lady's having a baby in the barn. Hurry!"
He turned to Joseph as he closed the door. "Have some pity, man. My whole family's awake now."
Pretty soon the door opened again and a young lad ran off in the chilly air. After a while he returned, walking slowly so he wouldn't outdistance the old midwife whose arthritis certainly didn't to take to cold winter nights. The boy was shivering by the time he got to the stable.
"Here's Martha, sir," he muttered quickly, and darted back into the warmth of his house. The old lady put them at ease right away. She had Joseph fetch water and cloths from the innkeeper. It must have been nearly two in the morning by the time the baby came, and another hour before Joseph dug into his robe for a few coins to give the old woman as she hobbled away.Then he returned to his wife and took her hand as they looked into the puffy face of their son. Alone at last."I'm so tired, Joseph," Mary said, settling back into the blanket-covered straw.The baby finally stopped crying and drifted off to sleep. Joseph stirred a few minutes later as some men peered from the darkness into the lamp-lit stable. He nudged Mary awake and reached for his staff.
"What do you want?" Joseph said to the men in a forced whisper. "Don't wake the baby."
"We're shepherds," one called out. The baby started crying.
"We saw angels out on the hills an hour ago." The entire story tumbled out as the shepherds edged into the stable to see the baby. Joseph relaxed his grip on the staff.
The shepherd continued, "And the angel told us, 'To you is born this day in the City of David a Savior which is Messiah the Lord.' The angel even told us about the swaddling cloths and the manger here." "The angel told you about the manger, too?" Joseph interrupted. "Oh, yes. That's how we knew where to look."

Joseph glanced over at Mary. Her eyes met his. He squeezed her hand. "This baby is the Messiah, isn't he?" Joseph said quietly. "After all these hassles I had started to question. But..." He paused. "It's almost like God planned the whole thing: the trip neither of us wanted to take." He chuckled. "He must have seen you on bony old Jake." Joseph laughed out loud. "Even this smelly old barn and it's manger."
He stood up, still chuckling. "What do you know? In spite of the problems--no, in the midst of the problems--God's been at work all along."
by: Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, The Workman Quarterly, Winter 1988

Sunday, December 6, 2009

One Day In your LIFE Sung by Michael Jackson

One day in your life
You'll remember a place
Someone touching your face
You'll come back and you'll look around, you'll

One day in your life
You'll remember the love you found here

You'll remember me, somehow
Though you don't need me now
I will stay in your heart
And when things fall apart
You'll remember one day

One day in your life
When you find that you're always waiting
For the love we used to share
Just call my name, and I'll be there

You'll remember me, somehow
Though you don't need me now
I will stay in your heart
And when things fall apart
You'll remember one day

One day in your life
When you find that you're always longing
For the love we used to share
Just call my name, and I'll be there

Friday, December 4, 2009


Yesterday we have a recollection at RGS Convent. Three nuns from Intercessors of the Lamb Congregation were the speakers.They talked about Journaling and Praying in Contemplation.At first I was really sleepy and lazy but as the session went deeper. My senses was awaken and my attention started to focus when Sr. Christina played the song "Lead Me Lord". She invited us to listen and to go in a journey. Encouraged us to picture ourselves to climb a mountain and feel the presence of the Lord embracing us. After that activity, we are encouraged to share our experiences. When Sr. Cristina caught my eyes and she saw smiling, she said smiling "Your smile means you want to share your experience." Surprise but I did get up and went in front and shared my experience. "Mine is a different, I was sitting in a grass but half of it was dried and dark in colors. The Lord was embracing me in a different way because His arms wrapped around on my neck in a gentle way." I dont know whats the meaning of that. The sister asked me what I felt and I told her I am wondering but I felt good.
The Second part was all about Journaling. The speaker said that its a one way of communicating with God by writing your innermost thoughts, feelings, prayers,insights and questions...anything under the sun.A personal relationship with the Lord. She shared some personal journal she wrote. She encouraged us to write one during the activity. She played a song "Power of your Love" and told us to focus on the question "Who do you say who I am Father? as we listen to the song. She told me to write within our hearts what seems to be the answer of God to us. I was looking at my paper and in my heart my hands began to draw and finally finished what the Father answered my question. I was quite surprised from what I did. As I listen to the sharers, some of them made us cry and really touched our hearts. Deep down within me something telling me to share the journal I did. So I raised up my hand and went in front. I told them..."Mine is a short one" I showed the drawing I did and told them "When I asked the Father who I am to Him. He said to me that I AM A GIFT!...I LOVE YOU!....Love JESUS. A tear in my eyes showed and the nun asked me what did I feel. I answered her "Masayang masaya po" (Very Happy).