Monday, May 31, 2010

Jollibee UN Branch

May 31, 2010. I just came from Laguna to visit my parents.It was a long travel going back to Manila.I arrived at exactly 12 noon. The heat of the sun penetrated on my skin made me feel more uneasy. I felt hungry so I decided to go to Jollibee near UN Avenue. I do have fondness on this branch of Jollibee because I always experienced the warmth and caring of the crews specially with those people who have a disability like me.

But this time I experienced a different kind of service. As I entered, the crew was mopping that time and the floor was a little bit wet that made me a little more conscious. Afraid of slipping, the manager of that branch wearing a friendly smile immediately approached me and tried to guide me. He gave instruction to one of the crew and they guided me to the nearest seat. He told me that the crew will get my order and no need to go to the counter. I felt relieved that there are services like that. I told to the crew that I hope all branches of Jollibee will have the same services to us like their branch. I ask his name and the name of the manager who gave me a caring treatment.

I felt I must do something for this two person who showed a good service to me. They deserved to be recognized. In this little way of writing something for heartful thanks of the caring and the good service you gave to me.

SIR OLIVER & FLASH, thank you for the good service and I commend the UN Branch of Jollibee.....The most friendly and caring crews branch of Jollibee.

Congratulations JOLLIBEE for having these kind of caring employees.Hope all of your branches will be like them. They deserved to be recognized.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


May 10, 2010, its the National Election in my country Philippines.Got up early to prepare myself in going to the voting precint  where I will vote. I'm quite excited and a little bit worried because it will be the first time that we will go for automated voting. It means, the voting procedure will be electronically done. You will insert your ballots inside the PICOS machine (Precinct Count Optical Scan machines). Before, we are doing a manual count which take a month before you know the result of the election. With the automated counting Commission on Election assures us that we will know the results in one to two days.

While riding in a jeepney, I checked my bag if my two valid ID's are there and my digital camera. I observed people going out in their  house and trailing on the same way to their respective voting places early since it is expected to be a hot sunny day. I will be voting in Quezon City. 

Don Alejandro Roces High School in Quezon City,
my voting precint. It has a festive mood. I arrived there around 8:30 am. 

 To my surprise many people are already jampacked in every room. I do have my apprehensions if I will pursue. Have a deep breath... I went on the challenge. I took a hard time looking for my name in the lists.
Some people are sensitive but most of them bumping me plus the heat of the sun add more desperation        to me. 
I decided to take the stairs and look for my name on the second floor of the school finding that there are more people there in a long line of voters. I stared to look for my name and a watcher noticed me and asked the street of my residence. He pointed the last room on the other end of the building. As I trail my way of my used to be neighbor saw me and he guided me going to the right precint. I was very happy seeing my name written in the no.1 slot on the lists. Yes, happy seeing my name but another agony is the long line of voters waiting for their turn to vote. I started walking towards the end of the line when I saw another two neighbors and sharing some little news. She suggested to bring me infront and ask for assistance since I do have disability. God was so good, the watcher immediately told me to sit and wait for a while. I learned that senior citizens and people with disabilities were given an assistance. Sad to say not all precints observed that since there are many people are very angry for the long line of waiting.

The teachers are very accommodating to me. They assisted me and patiently guided me. Finally the ballot was in my hand. I took my seat to the nearest chair.As I started to shade the oval shape and it took me quite a hard time shading it because its too small. I was too conscious because in one single mistake you dont have any chance to be given to vote again.

As was a bit tense when finally I went to the PICOS Machine and started to insert my cast ballot. I got nervous when the PICOS Machine rejected my cast ballot! "Oh my!", I exclaimed. " Anong nangyari?" (What happened?) "Anong mali?" (What went wrong? ). The teacher was so cool and immediately assisted me. He just said, "baligtarin natin baka yun ang gusto." (lets insert it the other way around, it might work) He inserted the ballot and finally I saw the word "CONGRATULATIONS" your vote is counted. I clapped my hands and felt relieved. They put the indelible ink in my forefinger nail after I put my thumbmark on the voters lists beside my name.

Here it is ! the sign that I VOTED in the First Electronic Counting of National Election 2010. If you want to know whom I voted for......That would be a personal thing with me. 

Just hoping that the next President of the Philippines will be Pro-Life in Heart and Mind.God bless the Philippines!!!!!                              

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Birthday Journey 2010

I celebrated my 39th Birthday last May 3. It was a blissful day for me. Just want to share some cherished moments how  I celebrated it.

Went home in Laguna day before my birthday. There I bonded with Mama & Papa.

                  Having some bonding moments with Papa.

Mama cooked "ginatang kamote".That's the most delicious sweet kamote I ever tasted because Mama cooked it with love and affections for me.

Some of the gifts I recieved.

My dearest Ate Au, one of my office mates gave me this 3 pairs of handkerchiefs.She wrote a
very touching message in a little card. She's very caring to me, since she had a son who is deaf and mute.

Ellen gave this body bag as her birthday gift  when we are
together at the Marikina Prayer Rally. My bag gave off
that time and with her generosity she bought me a new


 My dearest Tita Portia gave this beautiful Card along with her gifts. A purple blouse and an umbrella.


 San San, a sweet friend of mine whom I frequently buy spaghetti near in my dorm place.She  gave this chocolate bar along with the spaghetti I bought.

I received other gifts from some of my very good friends. Thank you so much and may God bless all of you.

 Some  of  text messages I received on the day of my Birthday. I cannot put all but still I thank you for remembering and praying for me.

On the day of my birthday, I traveled back to Manila. I went to Quiapo Church to attend mass. After the mass, the officiating priest blessed all of us with Holy Water. I felt I was being cleansed....the soul inside of me.

 This is the best gift I received on my birthday. Having an opportunity to hear mass and to received the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you dear God for all the blessings of people who continually touching  my life and have given me an opportunity to do same in their lives too and of course the gift of another year in my life.