Friday, September 3, 2010


It was a very busy day at Pro-Life Philippines office. We have visitors from media interviewing us for their program.I was busy doing my routine job that morning. Facing my computer and started to checked emails when my boss called me and told me that I had to talk to a counselee. I walked towards the library room, there I saw a quite petit young lady carrying a baby girl.She was crying then as I approached and began talking to her.

The lady on her 20's, quite pretty and young but you can see the agony in her eyes as she cries and I noticed some bruises on her arms.She told me that she needs a place to stay for a while to think. I asked her if she wants to go to authorities and made complains against the person who hurt her. She doesn't want to do that move. She just want a peaceful place. She plans to go to her friend who is based in a far province after fixing things.I told her why? Between sobs, she told me that she has no courage to tell what happen to her parents.

Its been how many weeks since the father of her child pay no visit to them.Staying with her parents, she decided to went to the city with her child to see and know what happened to him. After a week of staying with her partner here in Manila, she discovered the reason why he's not visiting them. Her partner has another woman. They had a confrontation and she was beaten. She decided to leaved and dont know where to go. Then she remembered our hotline number which was saved in her phone for a long time.She called us up and able to come in our office.As we talked, her adorable baby keep on giving us a beautiful smile and keep on hugging her mother. My heart leapt for joy as I carried the baby and gave me a warm hug. Shes not even crying as if shes not affected what her mother was getting through that time.

I called up a half way house for her to stay with but gave me instruction to call again for confirmation. She told me she wants to go for counseling sessions so I gave her the places where she can avail it nearer to her place.She was able to realized the consequences of premarital sex & its not a guarantee that if you have a child already your partner will not leave you.The importance of marriage and responsibility.I encouraged her that its better to go home and tell what happened to her parents.Her family are the best people that can support her as of this time.I told her that her parents are worried since she's expected to come home

After eating lunch with us, her baby fell asleep. As I go back to check her she was talking to somebody on her phone. She was smiling already and told me that she was able to talked to her mother and told her to go home. I felt relieved to her decision.I was given an opportunity to carry her baby for a while. As I look the baby as she sleeps peacefully near my body, the warmth of her hand holding my chest gave me an unexplainable happiness. Gently, I whispered to her little ears....."Your such a blessing dear. An angel....dont worry everything will be alright. Your a pro-life baby. You and your mom will be home soon." With the permission of her mom, I was able to took some pictures of Baby Angel (not her real name).

After several days, we received a text message from her telling shes fine and expressing gratitude for the help we extended to her and to her child.

Doing Pro-Life works brings fulfillment in my life's journey. Baby Angel (not real name) brought smile in my heart and keep the advocacy of defending life from womb to tomb.

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